Family Heritage
William Porter, Sr.

About 1887, William Porter began to work for Daniel Boone Sheets. In 1892, William's mother, Margaret Ross deeded him 102 acres of land.  It was during that time Pelham began to flourish.  During that time he and his brother, Square (S.C.) were directors of a bank in Waco, Texas thirty miles away from Pelham. 

William Porter married Sarah Benjamin around 1892.  William and his wife, Sarah had eleven children:
Cairy, Laura, Callie, Minnie, Theo, Jimmie, William, Jr., Elmer, Cleo, Helen, and Prentice.

Minerva McCandless married Bill Walke who inherited the western portion of the McCandless land.  A portion of this land was later deeded to Margaret Caruthers, who was William Porter's mother.  This tract was later deeded to her children.  Although, William Porter reportedly was given 300 acres of land by his mother, there were so many children that when it was divided up each child received around 30 acres.

Squire Columbus (S.C.) Porter, Sr.
Square Columbus (S.C.)
Squire Columbus Porter, Sr.

Squire Columbus Porter was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.  Those who completed the census of the cemetery recorded the information on the marker above his grave and listed his birth as 1834 and his death as 1888.  The birthday is not certain, but is correct give or take a few years.  The death date is in question.  The fact is that his last child, Square Porter, was born in 1869 would lend support that he may have died in 1868 just before the birth of Square Porter.

Tradition holds that Squire Porter arrived in the Spring Hill area from Tennessee prior to 1854.  Squire married Margaret Caruthers, daughter of Henry and Malinda Caruthers, at some point prior to 1862 when Laura Porter was born.  Margaret Caruthers was, at the time a slave in the Joseph Thompson Lawerence family, who had settled in 1856 on the headwaters of Richland Creek in an area later known in Western Navarro County as Liberty Hill.  It is not known if Squire was a slave at the time, but it may be assumed.

One of the stories about Squire Porter, handed down from one generation to another, related that his master's family rode carriages from Tennessee to Texas, but that Squire walked the entire distance.  One route, perhaps the very route traveled by Squire, led from South Central Tennessee, west of Memphis, over the Mississippi River into Arkansas, south to where Texarkana is located today, through East Texas, and into Navarro County.

There is, also, the possibility that Squire Porter came to Texas with the Carroll Family from Mississippi.  The name Laura Molena Porter Carroll is listed in genealogical records of NavCo Texas. Laura Molena Porter, apparently married a Mr. Carroll, and could have been given slaves as a wedding present, a common practice.

To this union were born Laura, Henry, William and Square Columbus. Jr.

m. Sarah Benjamin
m. Mary Tull
Square Columbus Porter

S.C. and his brother William were directors of a bank in Waco, Texas about thirty miles away from Pelham.
Square Columbus married Mary Tull to this union was one son Lewis B.

m. Margaret Caruthers
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m. Joe Allen
Laura Porter Allen

Laura Porter married Joe Allen.  Laura and her husband had two children:
Josie P. and Evlyn
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m. Dora Standifer
Henry Porter
Henry Porter married Dora Standifer.  Henry and his wife had four children:
Beanna, Cora, Ruthie and Bertha

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William Jr., Elmer (baby) and Theo
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