Elmer O. Porter

Elmer Porter married Jimmie Sweeney, an eligible young lady, whose family also lived in the Pelham community in 1926. 
To this union was born Cecilia, Bernard, Darlene, Wilburn James and Elayne. 

He started a savings account in the Waco Bank in 1924 when his father, William and Uncle Square (S.C.) were the directors.  The savings grew to $500.00 by 1926.  He purchased a Model-T car in the Spring of 1927 and moved to San Angelo in April 1927 and lived in a tent to help and aid his brothers, William and Prentice back to health from tuberculosis.  They moved back to Navarro county in July and started to farm all over again on 30 acres of land given to him by his father William for about 8 years.  He then bought 80 acres more to farm and in 1938, he purchased a tract of land in Antioch where his parents and grandparents lived before they moved across the creek to what is now Pelham. 
The year 1947 was at a time when black farm ownership was declining throughout the country. Elmer began to purchase more land and cattle.  From 1938 to 1962 he had purchased 2,565 acres of land.  Lake Navarro Mills was built and the government bought 700 acres.  During this time he served as road overseer;  all levels of church activities and District Lay Leader in the Methodist Church; Trustee Board of Public School and the Extension Service as 4-H leader and Soil Conservation
Elmer Porter remained active in the operation of the large ranching operation until his death on February 18, 1993.  His life was a true testimonial of what a man can do to make a better life for himself if he really has inner determination to do so.  He spent his life making dreams a reality.
The contributions of love, labor and financial commitment from his parents, his grandparents, the children and generations he left behind will live on for years to come.
Today, Elmer's son Bernard raises cattle and hay on the family's over 2,500 acres of Porter P3 Ranch.

Elmer Porter's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are: 
Cecilia Porter married J.D. Heiskell
    Ronnie, Michael and Rickie
          Sean, Stephanie, Charis, Stephen, Marin, James, Michael, Jr., Mason, Ashley, Amber

Bernard Porter married Alva Jean Blair
    Bernard, Jr., Bruce, Sheryl Constance, and Ralph
          Nicole, Nicholas, April, Candace, Sidney, Chris, Lauren, Ryan

Darlene Porter married Michael Holloway

Wilburn James died on December 16, 1939

Elayne Porter married Burtis Robinson
    Charlayne "Tina" and Brad
          Andre and Constance

Comeback Rancher Award
Elmer Porter received Comeback Rancher Conservation Program Award.
Ranchers recognized in the program were located in Region V, a 50-county area of North Central Texas.
Writer Anne-Marie Evans interviewed Ronnie Heiskell.
Article appeared in the 1970 edition of The Austin Statesman.

Family Land Heritage Award
Porter P3 Ranch received Family Land Heritage Award from The Texas Department of Agriculture.
Properties recognized in the program are owned by descendants of pioneer families who passed their land generation to generation in unbroken chain.
Honorees received a certificate and metal gate sign designating their property as a "Texas Century Ranch" or "Texas Century Farm".
Article A Century of Enterprise of recognition appeared in the Texas Heritage Magazine-Fall 1990 (October) .

Family Recognitions